3 Great Ways to Stay Productive While Working From Home!

Well, it’s week 3.. (I think), of quarantine. Like many folks working from home, I’ve been struggling to find ways to continue to be productive. I’ve put a list together of ways we’ve been helping our Guerrilla Recruit team members stay productive while working remotely.

Get Ready For the Day

Many People think working from home means sitting around in your pajamas and relaxing. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, you have to set yourself up for success, just as you would when going into the office. Start by getting ready with a shower, and dress casually. Make yourself a cup of coffee and a decent breakfast. We also suggest creating a list of things to accomplish for the day. Setting goals is the first step towards success.

Create a home office ambiance.

One of the best parts of working from home is being able to create a personalized work area in a way you may not be able to at the office. It’s all about creating a cozy yet productive space that is perfectly suited to your individual working style. For example, in my home workspace I have a few candles, and some salt lamps for ambient light. I personally don’t work well in bright light so I like to dim the lights and put a nice music playlist on that will be background noise, but not something I’ll be enticed to sing along too.

Get out, Move Around.

While working from your sofa or home office might be great, it’s still a good idea to break up the day, to two ten-minute breaks and a nice lunch, just to get up a stretch. On those breaks, get outside for some fresh air, go for a walk. Make a nice lunch for yourself. If you’re home with the family, this would be a great time to get out of your workspace and spend a few minutes with them.

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