4 Reasons to Recruit for GuerrillaRecruit.com

Work the Schedule YOU Want to Work

For years our model has been work where you want, when you want. As a recruiter with Guerrilla Recruit, you can be getting your hair done at the salon or sitting pool-side in Mexico and still delivering for our clients. At the end of the day, we are seeking world class results through speed and quality and our business model enables our team members to set their own schedule enabling us to produce results faster than anyone else in the talent acquisition market.

Our Recruiters are 100% Remote

Forbes reports that 16% of global organizations are now fully remote and 52% of employees around the world work remote at least one day per week. At Guerrilla Recruit, our staff is 100% remote. At times there may be the opportunity to work at a client site and those roles are available as an option, if that fits your lifestyle.

Only Recruit for the Positions that YOU Want to Work

You will never be asked to recruit for a position that doesn’t align with your professional network or active candidate pipeline. Gone are the days of hard to fill positions. Our crowdsourcing model and large pool of recruiters has enabled the organization to leverage economies of scale thereby empowering our team members to hand select the positions that they recruit for. Our client’s talent demand is diverse and ranges from cleared technologists in the government contracting space, to hospitality and healthcare professionals globally.

Our Compensation Model is Unrivaled

Annual compensation for recruiters nationally falls between $40,000-100,000 annually dependent upon industry and specialty. The average fill rate for a well performing full life cycle recruiter is approximately 50 placements per year. Back of the napkin math puts the average annual salary at $70k or $1,400 per hire at 50 placements per year. At Guerrilla Recruit, our recruiters are earning $7,000-$12,000 per hire. Multiply those numbers by 50 and well … .you get the idea.

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