Iran Conflict and Talent Shortage in the U.S

Early reports indicate that Iran has launched airstrikes on installations in Iraq that hold U.S forces in response to the killing of top Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani earlier in the week. This comes after an attack on the U.S embassy in Iraq after which the President deployed a few thousand more troops to the Middle East. It is no secret that in the world of talent acquisition, particularly as it relates to government contracting, greater unrest equals a much, much greater demand for world class talent. At a time when a struggle already exists to fill high-demand positions, how can government contractors continue to deliver solutions that meet this growing need?

Targeted. Aggressive. Unorthodox.

At GuerrillaRecruit.com, our network of over 700 top recruiters, a large percentage of whom are technical government contracting experts bring an active talent pipeline of over 2 million candidates that is unparalleled by any ordinary recruiting or staffing firm. This network, paired with our not before seen deployment of artificial intelligence into the recruitment process gives us the ultimate leg-up in helping any government contractor deliver world class talent to their clients. This is as important as it has been in recent years with those facing a much higher demand for talent in the world of government contracting. GuerrillaRecruit.com is up to that challenge and prepared to meet the governments growing demand for world class talent. 

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