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Our Prices Beat Every Competitor

The Guerrilla Recruit cost model leverages economies of scale through automation and crowd-sourcing enabling us to pass cost savings on to our clients.

Guerrilla Recruit fills your companies positions quickly and efficiently by posting your positions to our Battlefield Job Board, instantly notifying our large network of recruiters with expertise in a variety of fields. Recruiters then submit their top candidates to the positions. Our Talent Acquisition Leaders then act as the second line of defense and screen the candidates a second time before submitting the best of the submissions to you companies hiring/talent acquisition representative.

Using our service is very easy! Simply contact us via email, or by phone to speak to a Client Services Representative who can build the best selection of tools and assets to best fulfill the needs of your company. Once on board, we’ll handle the rest.

Guerrilla Recruit is unlike any other “Private Contractor-for-hire” service, as there are no overhead expenses for you like a vehicle, or other large investment. Simply use your pre-exisiting network to submit the best candidates and start earning extra cash right away! Becoming a recruiter for Guerrilla Recruit also allows you to be your own boss, create your own schedule and manage your own resources.