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Every company has a unique set of needs. But the way each company approaches those needs and how they respond to them is often very common. The hiring process is no different. Many companies are finding the traditional recruiting methods to be ineffective.. That’s where Guerrilla Recruit steps in.

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Our Most Popular Lines of Business

Contingent Search

40% of Guerrilla Recruit’s successfully filled positions were accomplished with our Contingent Search Model.

Full Demand RPO

Around 80% of adults in the work force are passively looking for positions, We actively seek these candidates and place them in roles that they’ll be happy in for years to come

Retained Search

50% of young adults in the work force say that culture and happiness has just as big an impact as a pay increase when contemplating an occupational change.

The Industries We Serve


Our government hiring support program has been one of our most successful industries to date. Our capabilities range from Army support to space and missile and everything in between.


Our specialized recruiters connect our clients with accounting talent across all industries.

Warehousing & Distribution

You don’t just need workers to punch a clock. You need quality talent — and a staffing partner who understands your business.

Administrative & Support

We’re invested in your success — and that of our talent. We spend time learning which traits a candidate needs to succeed in your environment, and then tap our unmatched recruiting resources to find you a qualified candidate .

Healthcare & pharmaceutical

Our skilled candidates range from pharmacists, billers, claim processors, HEDIS nurses and more.


Guerrilla Recruit’s Industrial division provides top-quality skilled trades and light industrial talent.

  • Starting

    First lets discuss your needs and goals. What are some of the difficulties you’ve been having in your current process?

  • Planning

    How can we achieve those goals and build a strategy that efficiently meets the needs of your company’s fiscal and operational objectives?

  • Acting

    Let’s put that plan into place. Lets post your positions with the strategy in mind and find great candidates!

  • Completeing

    Review and hire the best candidate/s out of the selected final applicants.

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Reduce Costs

Cost-per-hire is a key HR metric and when companies outsource recruiting to an RPO, cost-per-hire is often reduced along with time-to-hire because of dedicated recruiting resources.

Improve Recruiting Effectiveness

With a competitive global job market, ongoing skills shortage, and limited locations for recruiting, it’s difficult for many organizations to find qualified candidates or improve their recruiting effectiveness with in-house recruiting.

High Turnover

High turnover costs money in lost and interrupted productivity, lower customer service, and lower employee engagement. But turnover may have less to do with recruiting staff abilities or compensation and more to do with the recruiting function.

Learn more about our team of highly regarded industry professionals and how we’ve come together to develop a unique approach to hiring.

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