How We Can Help

Every company has a unique set of needs. But the way each company approaches those needs and how they respond to them is often very common. The hiring process is no different. Many companies are finding the traditional recruiting methods to be ineffective.. That’s where Guerrilla Recruit steps in.

Contingent Search

Guerrilla Recruit has filled thousands of positions using our unique contingent search method. We’ll help your find the best candidates using our large network of recruiters and crowd-sourcing. The best part? you don’t pay a dime until the hire is made and candidate starts working the role.

40% of Guerrilla Recruit’s successfully filled positions were accomplished with our Contingent Search Model.

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Full Demand RPO

Our Full-Demand RPO service allows companies to turn over their entire recruitment process to our team of experienced Talent Acquisition Leaders and Recruiters. Our main focus in building your recruiting strategy, is to drive efficiency and build cost effective solutions to attract, hire and retain highly qualified candidates. From marketing to the interview, we’ll handle the entire process.

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Around 80% of adults in the work force are passively looking for positions, We actively seek these candidates and place them in roles that they’ll be happy in for years to come.

Retained Search

Our retained search works differently than the traditional retained search. Guerrilla Recruit will assign a mid-senior level recruiter to work directly as a member of your recruiting team for a billable hourly rate. This model have been extremely effective, and our 2nd most popular model.

50% of young adults in the work force say that culture and happiness has just as big an impact as a pay increase when contemplating an occupational change.

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