When you can expect AI to take your jobs!

Just think, you’re driving down the highway thinking about the next email or phone call you have to send when you get back to the office. A truck passes you on your left, you look over and there’s no driver. The truck is driving it self? Well maybe, but not quite yet, actually for not quite a while.

With new AI developments coming everyday, there is plenty of chatter going around about the role artificial intelligence will play not only in business but in our everyday lives. Currently top fields of AI development include healthcare, manufacturing and defense.

In 2016, the Obama administration put its weight behind automated driving, for the first time releasing federal guidelines for the systems. About a dozen states already created laws that allow for the testing of self-driving vehicles. But the federal government, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will ultimately have to set rules to safely accommodate 80,000-pound autonomous trucks on U.S. highways. It would also be the first time that machines take direct aim at an entire class of blue-collar work in America. Other workers who do things you may think cannot be done by robots — like gardeners, home builders and trash collectors — may be next.

In 2018, business magnate Elon Musk went on the record on the Joe Rogan Experience saying,

The dangers of AI are humans developing ways to use it against each other, not taking jobs away.

We’re seeing this already with the on-going threat in Iran. Automated missile systems have already been used to target opposing civilian and military targets including aircraft like the Ukrainian passenger jet that was shot down.

So if the use of Artificial Intelligence is inevitable, What can you expect going forward? – Well to start, Companies like Amazon and UPS are using automated process’s and AI to develop faster and smarter workflow, while maintaining Jobs. They are using human labor in new ways, instead of using these workers to sort packages or pick goods, they are maintaining and reset systems during the process. In defense applications, technicians are used in similar manners, using analytics and data skills to plot coordinates.

The problem is you still need Humans to solve problems in real world applications. The LA Times recently quoted Truck driver Spindola, “You need a human being to deal with some of the problems we have out on the road,” Spindola said. There are too many delicate maneuvers involved, he maintained, too many tricks and turns and unforeseen circumstances to hand the wheel over to a robot.

For now, it seems companies are agreeing with Spindola, as UPS is hiring more drivers than ever. Amazon and Fedex are doing the same as the shipping and logistics business continues to boom. So I think its safe to say, yes, the job market is gonna change and adapt, but our jobs are safe for now.

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